Probably should have started with the Introduction…

Statement of the Problem             Composition theory is diverse and often difficult to apply in the classroom. Pedagogical choices are usually based on an instructor’s personal view of composition theory as well as the traditional view of what can or should be part of the composition curriculum. Many instructors utilize literature in the composition classroom […]

End of the project

Well, the project is coming to an end because it is the end of the semester. However, I think that it is a worthwhile area of study and I may just continue it for the kicks. If you’d like to look check out my final write up or the trends that I’ve identified, then please […]

Total Immersion

The Meadow Arts and Technology Elementary School (MATES) is a “non-profit public benefit corporation,” which, I think, means that it is a school with an alternative philosophy. In this case the school focuses heavily on integrating technology throughout their school. The best way that I can think to show what this means is to use […]

Technology in the Elementary School

Grace Rubenstein discusses the use of technology in the elementary school classroom in her article. According to her technology has taken a while to be adopted in the elementary school classroom. Now that it finally has taken root, she gives several pieces of advice. She has formulated this advice based on observation of Paulette William’s […]

Teaching the Teachers

Are you interested in learning more about online teaching and learning? Have you reached the point where you are considering creating an online or hybrid course? The following workshop has been designed to provide faculty with the basic knowledge and expertise to get started with online teaching and course development. The quotation above is from […]

Description of change

In this article on ELearnSpace the author says that most people today think that education is “broken” due to its comparatively slow adoption of the new media philosophy. While the author does show that education is steadily incorporating more online learning, the bulk of the article isn’t very interesting to me. So, instead of recapping […]

Not da MOOC. Not da MOOC

Rheingold U is a sort of blend between a MOOC and a correspondence course. Like a MOOC, anyone can enroll, the classes are completely electronic, and the participants (or cohorts as the site calls them) work together to formulate much of the coursework themselves. Unlike a MOOC, it costs $300 to enroll. Currently there are […]

MDDE 663: Emerging Issues In Distance Education Technologies – Athabasca University

Emerging Issues in Distance Education Technologies is a course offered by Athabasca University as part of their Masters of Education in Distance Education and Doctorate of Education in Distance Education programs. It is an elective course and has both classroom and electronic components. This is an upper level post-graduate class with several prereqs (i.e. students […]